Campaign to Stop Construction Sweatshops Victory Over TIAA-CREF: Corporate Campaign, Inc. created the Campaign to Stop Construction Sweatshops concept/campaign to bring justice to workers in one of the most dangerous and exploitative industries in the country. The first Campaign to Stop Construction Sweatshops was on behalf of the 25,000-member NYC & Vicinity District Council of Carpenters over a building project in Queens, New York, in which TIAA-CREF was heavily invested. The developer and contractors partnering with TIAA-CREF were deemed guilty of operating a construction sweatshop in which workers were being paid substandard wages, received no health benefits and had no protections if they raised safety or other concerns on the job.

At first, efforts by the District Council of Carpenters to get the attention of TIAA-CREF about this injustice were completely ignored. However, once the Campaign kicked in and escalated, TIAA-CREF's attitude completely changed. This led to a disreputable subcontractor being removed from the project and TIAA-CREF completely disinvesting from the project. More importantly, TIAA-CREF decided to create a responsible contractor policy to avoid becoming the object of such a campaign again.


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